Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I learn enough to be in the Business in a short time?

A. Yes, all my courses are designed to teach you the Locksmith business as fast as is possible.

Q. What Licenses do I need?

A. Each state has its own requirements, you need to contact the city you live in and apply for a locksmith business License, they will inform you of what your state might require if anything. That's all there is to it. Some city's require a background investigation and some do not. Some require a contractors License and some do not. Some require a state License as well as a business License and certain insurance requirements and some do not. They are more concerned about your criminal history, licenses fees and taxes.

Q. What do I need to be able to purchase your Locksmith Courses?

A. Be over the age of 18.

Q. What will I need to purchase tools such as Lock Picks.

A. Take our courses and tell them you are a Locksmith it's just that simple. Provided with the inventory tool and supply list is a name of a very good Locksmith supplier that will ship world wide. And that will sell to you.

Q. How much money will I need and what is my income potential?

A. As little as $500.00 and as much as $4000.00 this is a hard question to answer. I can only share with you my personal experience. I started with $4000.00 which I used to build out my van and purchase tools and inventory leaving Virtually no operating capitol and still was able to bring in over $3000.00 my first month in business. I have known other Locksmiths to start out with much less and still do very well. Your income potential is determined by you ability to market your business not so much as how good of a locksmith you are. I have seen just an ok Locksmith make upwards of $10,000.00 in a month, it really is all about good marketing, big accounts, and your willingness to give good service to your customers.

Q. What support do you offer?

A. I personally offer you free tech support, you may call me at 702-396-7353 for help between 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Saturday pacific standard time. I will walk you through this process. It is quite simple.

Q. What is the difference in LVS and other Locksmith Schools?

A. The Locksmith business is very hard to convey in a written text format. You need to see it being done. I have eliminated the mumbo jumbo of lengthy jargon and have adopted a three fold policy.

1. Show you on video how to do it. Video is by far a better teacher than still photos on a CD ROM and a hand full of exercises.

2. Give you the phone support you need.

3. Give you the information on Inventory, Tools and Marketing.

Oh! You will find that schools that offer equipment such as key machines and tools, when all is said and done the quality of this equipment is less than poor.
In addition with LVS you may purchase all or only the courses you need rather than being strung along at a dollar a day. Another real cute trap is to showing you the theory of Master Keying but not enough knowledge to do a job. When you call for help you are told what you need is their advanced master keying course that takes you deeper! That will cost you more money!
Sorry this is the only part of my web site I allow my self to vent.

Q. What is your Return and or cancellation policy?

A. Because of the ease in which DVD VHS and Video CD's can be copied all sales are final, I am only able to offer a replacement policy. Call me and let's talk. I will mail you my demo video cd free which shows a short clip from each of my courses. What's that new saying? "A Video is worth a billion photos". I have always been a hands on kind of guy, Show me and I can do it. Give me a book and say read this and that's another story. Again, Call me and I will mail you my demo video free.