FREE TRAINING AVAILABLE Nothing is more valuable to the beginning locksmith than hands-on practice, and for anyone hoping to break into the field of automotive locksmithing there is a great opportunity that is often overlooked: The local junkyard. Read up on basic procedures and gather the tools that you know will be needed. Then go to one of the "pull your own parts" yards and spend a few hours pulling door panels, reading wafer locks, working on steering columns, and practicing your impressioning techniques with different autos (make sure you don't waste time trying to pick side-bar type locks, though concentrate on picking older Ford and Chrysler locks with the pin tumbler locks).

These yards charge a minimal entrance fee, usually around $5 at most, and you can spend all day there if you so choose. It's also a great way to stock up some oft-needed spare parts. You can buy perfectly good door locks, clips, and door panel fasteners for pennies.

We at do not offer automotive locksmith training, but I thought this to be a pretty good idea to get some good auto experience.