Lock Picking Training Course

1. Lock Cylinder Design
In this first segment, we look at the inside of various lock cylinders giving you a good understanding of how most standard locks function on the inside. It is important to have this understanding before one can effectively begin the process of picking a lock.

2. Lock Preparation
In this segment, we establish some guidelines for prepairing the lock cylinder for picking. And give a brief description of each of the nine tools in the HPC-15 pick set.

3. Picking Techniques
There are only a handfull of various techniques used to open most any lock; in this section we will be covering each of them. There is also a "what if I cant pick it section" some locksmiths would like you to believe they are a cross between James Bond and Houdini but that's not the Real World.

4. Pick Selection
In this segment, we go through the process of choosing the proper picks and tension wrench used in the picking process based on the various types of lock cylinders. This section is critical to your success.

5. Plug Spinner Function
In this segment we cover the proper use and function of the RY57 Plug spinner.

6. Pick Gun Techniques
There are as many techniques in properly using a Pick gun as there is in using a pick set, they are all covered in this segment.

7. Real World Locksmiths
Most instructional videos have very little real world environment footage. In section seven of this video we take all of the tools shown on this video and give them to various locksmiths, with no prior coaxing they are asked to pick various locks. You will see every locksmith has his own style, but all use the basic techniques taught in this video.

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