This tip refers to the kind of bicycle lock that is essentially a cable with a combination lock built right into it. The lock body is a series of rotating discs, each with a number stamped on it. To dial up the code, you rotate these discs until the proper combination lines up in a straight row, and the cable will release.

If you have an otoscope, you can use it to peer into the opening that exists where the cable enters the body of the lock. This is a very small opening, but most otoscopes have a magnifier and this proves to be a big help.

Looking down into this opening, rotate the disc closest to you until you see the flat spot on the disc arrive at the top of the rotation. Now move to disc 2 and do the same thing. After lining up the flats of the first three discs, simply rotate the fourth disc one number at a time until the cable releases. Now read the numbers as they appear on the "picked" discs this is the correct combination of the lock.

If you do not have otoscope you can still pick this lock. Hold the lock in such a way that you can apply a constant pull as if you are trying to pull the lock open. Look closely and you will see that the tumblers are being pulled to one side. The tumblers hold the weight of your pull. Start with the tumbler that is on the end and looks like is being pulled over by the weight of the pressure. Turn the tumbler to each position. When you hit the right number the pressure of your pull will no longer be affecting this tumbler and the next tumbler will now carry the weight of your pull. This will create a gap now between the first and the second tumblers. Repeat this process applying pressure and watching the gap created. You will notice that applying pressure will bind the tumblers so in order to be able to turn them you will need to let up and then pull hard to see the gap. Tumblers you have correctly picked will move freely side to side. The remaining tumblers that are holding the weight will be pulled to one side and will not turn with heavy pressure.