Lock Rekeying Training Course

Course Content

1. Lock Cylinder Removal and Assembly.
In this segment, we cover the cylinder removal and assembly of a wide variety of common locksets.

2. Using Shim Stock.
This section covers the proper use of shim stock in the cylinder removal process; in addition we cover
other methods of removing the plug when the old key is not available.

3. Pinning Up Kwikset and Weslock.

In this segment, we cover in depth the Kwikset and Westlock brands, two of the most common brands
found in over 85% of the homes in the US today.

4. Using the LAB Multi-Pin Kit.

This section covers the use of the LAB multi-pin kit and its 20 pinning charts.

5. Tips and tricks.

This is one of the most valuable segments in this series. It covers 30 years of my own experience
of tips and tricks that will save you lots of time.

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