I am currently apprenticing with a locksmith of 30+ years. We both sat down and watched the Master Key lesson and found it to be extremely informative and easy to follow. I will be purchasing the remaining lessons. I looked into a lot of Locksmithing schools and haven't found any that got into the "nuts and bolts" of the business as well as these courses. Mike's lessons won't empty your wallet either!!

Tom Holcomb
Bodfish, California

I purchased a video and other items from you and I appreciate the personal touch that you gave me. The video was very professionally done, and the paper work was excellent. Thanks again, and I will order again.

Ken Knudson, Owner
Ken's Keys.

The videos in this course are complete and to the point. They are very good value.
Jack B
Smyrna, TN

Spent lots of time and some $800.00 on other courses, and learned more on one of your videos than all combined. Looking forward to the Rekeying course.

Jack Sloan
Portland, OR

Patty and I had our best month, this month and just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks. The mail-outs you suggested increased our income by at least 30% this month. Thanks again.

Bob and Patty
Houston, TX

Ran my first call yesterday. It was the easiest $78.00 I ever made. thanks Mike! Will get the Master Keying course next week. Have a job Thursday to convert an Adams Rite lock to a thumb turn. Might call if I run into a snag. Thanks again for your help.

Miami, FL

Just wanted to thank you again for all the technical support you have given to me over the past months. It has been very helpful, and you always take the time to try and work it out for me. Just so you’ll know, from the time I purchased my first video till now (approximately 7 months), my business has increasee immensely (and is increasing everyday). It is amazing the money you can make by learning to be a locksmith from your videos. The possibilities are as unlimited as you want them to be. Also, I really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet you face to face, during our wild “LAS VEGAS “vacation that locksmithing paid for easily. When we ever make it back there, you can bet we will throw down again……………Have a great day, and keep that camera rolling.

Vicksburg Locksmith Co. Inc.

From the Author

The Locksmith Business is one of the most interesting professions in the world. The income potential is staggering considering the limited investment required to get started. It has been a real blessing in my life. I started out in this business when I was in my early twenties and at fifty-one it is as interesting today as it was when I first started. Here are some positive things I have found.

1. The locksmith business never fluctuates with the economy. If things are tight businesses lay off people and re-key, if the economy is good there will be a lot of expansion and the business will even be better. People are so security minded these days.

2. In the last thirty years I have never been out of work. I have always had more than I could handle.

3. I have always liked my freedom. What I mean is if I felt like taking my wife and boys to the lake on Thursday, I just forwarded my phone to my cell and set up my calls for the next day.

4. Maintenance engineers with a locksmith background will always earn a better income and have a better chance for promotion.

5. I have always liked the technical aspect of locksmithing. My wife calls me Mr. Tool Time if you know what I mean. I like things that are small and mechanical.

6. There is nothing physical about locksmithing. I would rather use my head to earn money than my back. And at fifty one I can still work as hard as I did when I was twenty. The Locksmith business has the lowest overhead ratio of any business going, that is if you follow the parts list provided in this course.

These are great training videos. Everything one needs to get started. What amazes me is the free phone support provided with the purchase of a course. $600.00 is not a lot when one considers what this could do for you and your family!

It is hard to convey such a trade as this in print. Our video CDs are all filmed in a real-world environment. They are structured in such a way as to teach you the techniques you will need to survive. Our locksmith school provides state-of-the-art locksmith training on Video CDs, along with a locksmith certification exam and diploma. In addition, you receive full phone tech support to help you launch your new career.